Thomas began to walk towards the tree. He expected to reach it in a few steps, but a very strange thing began to happen. With every step he took, Thomas felt himself getting smaller and smaller, while the tree seemed to grow bigger and bigger.

Night fell, and the moon was shining as Thomas, Daniel, Annabelle and the parents sat down to eat. There was turkey with cranberry sauce, and a generous helping of Christmas pudding and custard to follow.

The Age Of Not Believing

They stopped a short distance from the throne. Thomas was glad that they did not have to go any closer. He was trembling at the thought of all the evil things that the wicked witch might do to him. He was too afraid to speak. After a long while, the witch spoke.

The village grew smaller as they sped away across the fields and countryside. The cold wind whistled past them, as the wolf captain huffed and puffed like an old steam engine, going as fast as he could. They stopped for a while for the wolf captain to catch his breath.

The company streaked across the countryside like a silver express train rushing to its destination. Thomas wondered whether he would ever see his friend Daniel again. The wolves ran faster and faster. The trees and bushes rushed past. The only thing that remained motionless was the full moon, high above them in the dark night sky.

His ears also became full of strange noises, as though some dark enemy was plotting against him and sniggering with glee. Thomas tried to get these sounds and visions out of his head and stayed close to Daniel as they both walked fast and uneasily through the endless forest.